Author: Igor Calzada


Igor Calzada, Basque researcher and professor, has been conducting comparative research on territories/cities at the international level over the last ten years from the social innovation perspective.

Currently, he is PostDoctoral Research Rellow at the University of Oxford (UK) at the Future of Cities Programme in addition to being a member of COMPAS, InSIS, and Oxford Martin School. Likewise, he holds the PostDoctoral Research Fellow position at Ikerbasque (Basque Foundation for Science). He designed and conducted as its scientific director, the XI Euskal Hiria Congress ( and in collaboration with the Basque Government that aims to design a participative governance model for the territorial policies and strategies.

His research has received the backing of various entities such as the RSA Regional Studies Association from which he received an award for his research.

While being an academic involved in research and publishing scientific books and articles, he also directs applied research projects that have an impact on transformation in society as he is a strategic advisor both for regional and international institutions ( He has directed research projects at the international level (EU, UK and US) and at the regional level, Basque Country. He is a member of different scientific/academic committees and advisory boards in which he melded together the following interdisciplinary fields: territories/regions/cities, strategy, technology and social digitalization (, governance and policy-making, anthropology and ethnography, business and management, sociology, politics, culture and social innovation (

He received his PhD in territorial and business development from the University of Mondragon (Spain). He obtained his MBA at the University of Deusto (Spain). He also received a degree in advanced research from the University of Helsinki (Finland) and his B.A. in sociology and political science from the University of Deusto (Spain).

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